Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Monday, August 30, 2021

Dirty Corner

This grass-like flower was blooming all along the rim of the Gorge.

Surveying the cliffline; Camelback formation in the upper right; upper Linville Gorge in the background

The standing spire is called Green Monster
There had been heavy rain several days ago, so that I expected the a Green Monster to be wet and algae and moss laden. It was the driest and clearest part of the approach trail.

The Galax and ferns at the base of the climb were lush.
The Corner, 5.7
I called it Dirty Corner because of the lichen, bushes, moisture, and little evidence of having been climbed in ages.
Equalized trad anchor at the top of the first pitch

Morning shadow on the Linville River below the Gold Coast Cliffs
Lower Linville Gorge with Shortoff on the left
Table Mountain Pine with fresh cone set on
Vantage from the second pitch anchor
Highline stretched between buttresses- Do you see the man walking the slackline? The resolution is poor, but consider where the slackline changes direction.

A five foot Black Snake on the road out

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