Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Grandchildren Run

Bluer sky or lake? Greener grass or trees? Brighter smiles or sunshine? More pleasant temperatures or conversation? We had it all on Saturday at a family reunion. Here my wife, our oldest son, and three of his six children walk beside the lake.

The bench is hidden in the shade, revealing a relaxing view of the lake and cool breezes across it.

My sister-in-law is holding her great-niece (our granddaughter) at the picnic gazebo. They are two of the most gregarious personalities I have ever met. But you may say, how can you know that about one so young? She will go up to anyone and start talking to them, smile and laugh, and reach up to be held. That goes for the little one, too.

This g-son is very diligent and good with his hands. I like talking to him about his projects.

This little guy is shy around cameras and most people, but he has warmed up to me and loves to hold my hand when we go for walks.

The eldest of the grandchildren from my eldest son took the next picture. I had taken several of him, but he is a force in motion who is hard to get either a decent or in focus picture of. My wife is facing away behind me as I sat and talked to three of the grands.

Again he took our picture. Big sis and little bro are all smiles. She along with her oldest brother are amazing at memorizing. You'd never know that I am proud and fond of my grandchildren.

There is little sociability smiling again.

The youngest also likes to move around alot, but he is actually very quiet. I don't remember if I have ever heard him cry. I he needs food or a diaper change, he just whimpers a little. 

Swings are a good way to keep them all in one place and content. Momma is about ready to have number seven!

Can you see the Moon rising above the horizon?

There it is along with a lone kayaker.

The swimming area is overtaken with ducks and geese this time of year.

A few minutes later it was glowing full grown in the city haze.

"God made ... the lesser light to govern the night." Genesis 1:16
The reflection has two parts. See both the wavy part and the very bright part just behind the spit of land? This is pretty good for a handheld shot with low light.

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