Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Home Repair Guy

Dead two seasons they said. I was allowed to drop it in a ditch and leave it.
My saw wasn't cutting well and I ended up heavily notching it. But I observed that the wood was solid, and it definitely dropped it where I wanted it.

The bar on my saw is 24 inches, so this tree ranks in the top 20 of large trees I've felled.
When I say rotten, I mean like turned to soil, like humus city (not hummus).
Under the wood was roofing, which thankfully was still intact. I did have to seal the nail hole, of course.
Yeah, it was bad.

I cut the posts off just above the rot as requested.
I replaced with treated wood, caulked, and matched paint. Treated plywood was at an all time high price at this time, so they opted for replacement of just the rotten part.
By the time I caulked and painted you could barely discern the joints.

They said that they don't really use the porch, but that it was unsightly. I think we fixed that, and hey, it's functional, too.

Following are a few pictures of the segment of sidewalk demolition. I completely forgot to capture the final result. It looked pretty good.
17 bags of concrete and no motorized mixer. How do you do it? Well, the old-school and third world (so I'm told) way is to pour all of the dry concrete into the hole, add water, step in, and stir until thoroughly mixed. That sounds like a cake mix recipe, but it is actually a fairly fast setting jello.

I was so busy with working on the long checklist at the next house that I forgot to take pictures. Oh well, you've seen one mailbox post, you've seen them all, right?
I actually found a replacement socket at the hardware store.
So, it turns out that the problem with the doorknob originated with popped rivet below the hole below the tie wrap. The tie wrap held the piece firmly together which resulted in the whole thing going back together and functioning correctly. I don't think that it has any significant stress on it, and don't really know why the rivet failed. Perhaps it was originally faulty. Anyway, I think it will function smoothly for long past my tenure. The doors and hardware had a very French look to me, like, I mean imported French look.

I didn't think to take pictures of the many things I did at this house, but I do have two pictures of the skylight. I always forget to take a before picture, but I do have a during and after. They were so excited. That very night they say the full Moon through the skylight.

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