Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Margarette and Bailey Falls

 A family hike to get together and get out into the woods. Use any excuse available, a birthday for example. When my great-nephew climbed up on the rock and declared himself king, both parents rolled their eyes and said something to the effect that 'Yeah, that's him."

The trail actually traverses 1/2 mile of private land along a gentle upslope of sandstone gravel.

There was even more conversation than appears here with much stopping to finish a story or observe a flower or rock. The trail slowly progressed in steepness and roughness. It tests your stabilizer muscles in places.

A jewel (Black Swallowtail Butterfly? Where are the blue markings?) on a Jewelweed.

Creeks are fascinating and varied in shape and habitat. Check out how clear the water is.

My wife just entered the bridge and three others of our group talk and look.

I was interested to see that this is a new breed of creek bridge, all fiberglass. That shouldn't rot any time in the next century and UV damage will be minimum in the narrow draw with tree cover. Plenty of smiles for the camera.

Margarette Falls
Scale is hard to discern, so check out below.

So, about 30 feet, perhaps? The rock layers certainly determine the water flow and character of the cascade.

Turtleheads (Chelone sp.)

The rock, rhododendron, creek scramble. After lunch at the falls, I asked my nephew, the dad of five if he wanted to take the boys to see the two upper falls, commenting that it is quite the scramble. The three boys were all in and mom encouraged dad to take the oldest girl, age 3. My older brother also went.

They were about to give up and give in, when I said I would go ahead as scout while they rested, since I thought we were close. I topped another boulder about 200 feet ahead and saw the falls another 300 feet ahead. The crack got narrower and higher. We had to negotiate the side walls, but we managed to stay out of the water.

Here is the crew at Lower Bailey Falls.

In order to get around the lower falls we had to scramble up the side via a knotted rope someone had slung around a tree above. Here we are at the top of the lower falls.

Upper Bailey Falls

What it lacks in size it makes up for in uniqueness. This must be quite the scene and totally inaccessible during high water.

When we arrived back at the parking lot, my wife was holding down a boulder quite contently.

In fact, almost everyone took a perch.

I will have to say that I am a bit envious of my sister-in-law's time with her grandchildren. Nonetheless, I am thankful that my grandchildren are well and being taught about the Lord.

I am sore today from lifting youngin's over boulders and across the creek multiple times, but the adventure for all was worth it and the family time was precious for young and old alike. Life is good, because God is good.

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