Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Monday, August 15, 2022

ETN Move

 Here is our new house on a quiet dead end road in upper 
East Tennessee.

Just above the back entrance is a patio next to which I hope to put a fire pit.

The kitchen is smaller than my wife is used to, but she is adjusting and knows the days of cooking for many are past.

The neighbor just below us feeds the deer. They often cross our yard coming from the woods to get to the grain. Based on how many we have seen at once and the difference in kinds (does, spike bucks, fawns), there are minimum of 9 deer.

These two little sprites bedded down as you see them about 30 feet from our back door. Another hopeful for the future is a workshop to be placed where you see the notch in the slope at upper left. 

A new calling, a new locale, a new church to seek, and new friends to make. No rusting out in retirement here. God is good to give us new challenges and continued purpose. We will follow and obey and be thankful. 

At Steel Creek Park we saw this waterfall just below the dam.

The dam was curiously overkill. The low concrete pad that you see is the spillway. I am on top of the dam, which seems to have been made of thousands of blocks of limestone. I am not sure why it needed to be so much higher than the water level.

The lake was quite beautiful with its narrow fingers running between the wooded ridges.

Here we see the most expansive part of the lake, which is not big at all. On the other side, hard to see in this picture is a bridge for the rest of the trail around the lake and beyond a golf course.

There is also a playground and paved greenway and picnic tables. We'll have to check them out another day.

The lake is fine place for a leisurely walk and a respite on a shaded bench.

The ducklings, now nearly grown in late summer and almost as big as mom, still follow her. 

There are said to be 23 more miles of trail for me to explore, so I plan to return for that reason, to run, and to take those leisurely walks with my wife.

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