Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Multiple Surfaces

The goal of a ride is not to record pictures, but to exercise, enjoy the company, and take in the scenery. So, I quickly snapped a few photos when the pace slowed and the traffic and terrain were forgiving. After coasting down the hill from his house, past the school, and onto the greenway terminus which immediately goes under the highway bridges at the Doe River, and traversing a park, we were in downtown on Main St. headed towards the Veteran's Monument.

Before we got to the Monument, we turned left and crossed the Covered Bridge, built in 1882. When I had lived there formally (~30 years ago), you could still drive a car across it. Now it is pedestrian and bicycle traffic only.

We got on another pathway under the next bridge, back onto the street, back onto a pathway under the 4-lane Broad St. and onto neighborhood streets to a pathway down by the Watauga River. Enough of the paved trails and streets. Down river just before Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park is a small piece of land owned by the state with woods and trails. Here we road a little single track through the woods.

Several places along the line my son practiced jumps. I mostly avoid them.

After cycling around in the woods for awhile, we got onto the Tweetsie Trail headed in the direction of Hampton. It doesn't even leave Elizabethton, ending at 9.7 miles from the Johnson City end. The pea gravel might be a problem on roadbike tires, but it is not a problem on mountain bike tires. I thought we were going to cruise back to his house after this turn around. Just before we reached his house, he continued past the turn-off up a hill. Then he turned left onto a steep narrow street, saying, "This is fun back way to my house." Well, it tested and hopefully extended my endurance while proving my power. I might get good at this if I keep it up.

When we got back to his house, there was a treat. His 2-month-old daughter was awake and concentrating on my face. She made little noises. You know she wants to communicate even though that is many months away.

I am thankful to God for making more connection with my son and granddaughter. I hope to make it more frequent and that I won't be too sore from this time.

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