Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Little visit

 Our son built a new trellis for the Wisteria vine.

Between the flowers and plantings there when they arrived and what they have added, it is quite well landscaped.

Mamaw likes those grandbabies best. It is fun to watch them explore and experiment.

There were several varieties of Peonies.

I would have said that she smiles non-stop but she gave me some serious looks when I aimed the camera toward her. She loved it when I read Dr. Seuss about the Wumps going bump!

Our son said we were there at the perfect time for blooming since they don't last long.

Sunday morning the sun came out and little one was cruising around before breakfast.

After breakfast dad helped her get dressed for church. She loves to go to nursery.

I end our little picture gallery with thankfulness to God for family and health to enjoy them. We desire to have a godly influence on our posterity through time with them and prayer for them. Our present circumstances don't allow near so much time as we would like, so we have to try to make the precious hours special. Mom was behind the camera and brought out the big smile. She is usually quite the smiley little girl.

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