Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park

At the parking area is a kiosk with a route map, a repair stand, a pump track, and a bench with a beautiful view.

The lightest blue trail on the map is just down on either side of the ridgetop a few feet and by far the easiest track. If you can zoom, the distances are listed.

Saplings and a tree rooted too high

Here is one of the easier sections of one of the advanced trails. You won't see me on this trail.

The tree variety is good on this hill, but the predominant species is Chestnut Oak with the alligator skin.

Do you know the difference between Red Maple and Sugar Maple leaves?
These are Red.

These are Sugar.

Black Cherry, also called Wild Cherry, has a distinctive leaf.

A Detritus Interlude

Blackberry Bloom

The tree is called Chestnut Oak because the leaves resemble Chestnut leaves, but the lobes are rounded instead of pointed.

There were several varieties of hickory. I believe this one is Mockernut.

Redbuds bloomed for nearly a month this year, which I don't remember seeing before. The heart-shaped leaves are a giveaway.

Pignut Hickory

This green plant gall did not stick to its host plant.

Black Oak

White Ash

Stand out in a crowd.

Cool benches. I wonder if they are used.

Pump Track

My son is testing it out. We kept going around and around in an attempt to get comfortable enough with the curves and moguls to go faster and higher on the slope.

I was working hard to keep control.

I can't remember this flower's name.

The park has a pleasantly open woods with low herbaceous varieties. Ferns are not plentiful probably because there is no moisture source, but this one is nice.

All good things, like this hickory stick, must come to an end. Just as well go out with flare and color.

I might actually show more of the trails in a future update, but you have to purposefully stop while riding to do that, and some places that is ill advised because it is hard to regain momentum for the next curve or rough spot. Difficulty in life is similar. It is in the most need of reflection but at the most inconvenient place and time. 
I am most thankful to God for little corners to explore and nice woods in which to clear my mind and pray. I will be back to this neck of the woods many times for just that whether on foot or wheel.

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