Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Monday, May 15, 2023

Tweetsie Special

The Tweetsie Trail runs along just under ten miles of the old railroad bed of the ET&WNC railroad from Johnson City to Elizabethton. There is good explanatory signage of history, industry, later passenger service, flora and fauna, and geology. Following is a map of the geological changes along the trail. I spent my time this day in the Knox Limestone and Honaker Dolomite. Notice the rapid changes in rock types to the right and East of the map. This is the transition into the North Carolina metamorphic layers where significant pressure from two plates collided forming the folded mountains we so enjoy.

The scenery along the trail varies from mostly pastoral and secluded to occasionally busy and loud.

The place that I took the most pictures was where I turned around at a quarry mined for its limestone to be used in the iron smelting process. I found a good interactive map at "Tweetsie Trail". There is a picnic pavillion.

There are numerous signs about what is around you.

A group could do much exploring and collaboration. I hope that some local schools utilize this outdoor education resource.

There are of course the flooded remains of the quarry.

This red berry bush resided in abundance along the near rim of the quarry.

The climbing was not as good as I had hoped, but I did get some finger exercise and technique practice.

The trail is marked every 0.2 mile.

This huge flake had one good little problem.

Native Wild Comfrey (Cynoglossum virginianum) was a surprise to me.

Horses and a donkey trim this field along the course.

It used to be the Milligan Station for passenger service.

This remodeled house is quite old and character filled.

As I say, the trail goes through varying environs.

Several churches share the right-of-way.

Walkers, often with strollers or dogs, bikes, and runners frequent this pleasant and conveniently located trail.

Near the city end an old railroad bridge crosses and limited access four lane.

This bridge is considerably shorter than it is high.

Attempting to get a few more shots, I accidentally caught this aesthetically interesting picture.

Garden Clubs have spruced up the margins in a few places.

The ladies whom I requested to take my picture probably wondered why I was carrying a small mattress on my back while biking, but they didn't ask.

I just keep making the small adventures as interesting as I can. I am privileged to have these and occasional big adventures. The small, regular, intense outings enable me to do the big ones when the opportunity arises. I am thankful to God for big and small, infrequent and regular, mundane and interesting exercise. It keeps my mind and body alert.

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