Harper Creep Falls

Harper Creep Falls
Harper Creek Falls

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Big Meal

 "Big in what respects?", you may ask. Well, there were over 40* people, mostly family with a half dozen friends. Big in the amount of food that fed those people twice in one day and still some leftovers. Big in the amount of freedom we thus far have to gather as family and acknowledge God as the Source of our abundance physically and spiritually.

With the new arrivals in the past year, there were more of my branch of the clan present than ever before. It's not just for camera, she always smiles and is quite considerate, too.

Daughter and son across from each other with a son-in-law across from a nephew and two grandchildren in view.

Friends, nephew and great-nephews, too

We used to call it the "adult table", but the children are now adults. When did that happen?

The Lady of the House (Sister-in-law) in the Prep Room and Buffet Bars

I am glad the later pictures were happy moments. They were not in picture taking mode just then. Perhaps this was the scene just after the first winter.

The oldest grandchild is growing up before our eyes.

Still working hard to grow.

The hat simply caps the cuteness.

'Why are you so serious little man?'

10 out of 11 extant grandchildren. We are abundantly blessed!

If my youngest son, wife, and child had be there, the clan would have been out in full force. There are 11 grandchildren in the picture. Can you count them all?

Since "children are a gift from the Lord" (Psalm 127:3), what are grandchildren but icing on the cake of overflowing blessing? We pray for each and every one to come to the true knowledge of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. As you consider all that you are thankful for, our desire is that you may know Him unto salvation as well.

*The record was over 50.

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